The Serbian Dobermann Club was founded by many principal breeders and aficionados with the intention of working around common ideas that will eventually contribute to the progress of the breed and as such will be able to respond to the challenges of modern cynology. Our Statute will be available in English soon, meanwhile – happy surfing!


Slobodan Maksimović

Nikica Uzelac

Secretary / Treasurer
Aleksandar Vukanac

Steering committee
Slobodan Maksimović
Nikica Uzelac
Aleksandar Vukanac
Boban Janković
Dejan Dragišić
Vera Milošević
Stevica Veličković

Supervision board
Branko Jakovljević
Novica Vukelić
Zoran Popov
Slobodan Janković
Dejan Milošević
Dejan “Fifti” Jović


Our club’s policy is based on the principles of tolerance, mutual respect, freedom of choice, common integrity but also respect for the rules that we have previously agreed upon.

But first and foremost is –the DOBERMANN! Cropped and “natural”. Black and brown. Pretty and not so. Competitor or pet. But before all a healthy animal and with characteristics that make this breed so special and loved.

In our club, everyone has the right to choose, because a good dog is a good dog, with or without a tail. We "live" Dobermans and because of all the qualities (and shortcomings too) that this breed primarily has - the character, temperament and its own unique charm.

Our priority is Serbian breeding! In accordance with this, we shall be taking care of ourselves before

anything else, whist at the same time we intend to keep good relations with other national and international clubs throughout Europe and the World.

After all, our personal liaisons and friendships with members of other clubs are one of a kind wealth and unique life and multicultural experience because, despite the potentially dividing differences, we all do have something that truly connects us - a passion for the breed, something that is almost impossible to explain in a rational way.

The Serbian Doberman Club was created from a necessity to articulate our needs, goals and intentions, formally and as an organisation, to take the place that belongs to us on the map of the Doberman world, while respecting others, but above all, our own interests, within the framework and spirit of good will and cooperation.


The essential goal of our club is The breed’s well being and the well being of each individual dog. In order to achieve this we must improve ourselves by raising the bar of our breeding as well as education of prospective owners, by adopting something that is popularly known as “the rules of engagement”. Such rules will apply to all and anyone who joins our club with an open heart, best intentions, and free will, and as such to be found in the company of responsible others.

Goals and field of activity:

  • To present ourselves, our dogs and our homeland with grace
  • To carefully perform breeding selection thus being recognised as as fair and honest both towards ourselves and other parties as well
  • To control the genuinity of collecting of samples for health testing
  • The foundation of DNA data base for each dog bred by the members of the club
  • To work with dogs
  • To organise high quality events such as shows
  • To constantly improve ourselves by acquiring knowledge
  • To educate newbies in the breed
  • To improve and share breeders’ experience
  • To find good homes for dogs that are not suitable for breeding
  • To popularise the breed further more
  • A cooperation with other Dobermann clubs in a spirit of good will
  • A cooperation with other cynological institutions both home and abroad
  • To seize our real placement in the world of Dobermanns


The areas of improvement and education are care, health, psychology of the dogs, working kinology as well as dog show related subjects.

One of the advantages of club-organized activities is the exchange of experiences from broad and age old knowledge base, thus making it available to the members. Here in Serbia we have the saying that no one was born educated but still the fact remains that you live and learn as long as there is ambition for advancement.
In addition to the uniqueness of the concept, the knowledge wealth offered through the Club can’t be found anywhere on the internet or once popular forums.

One of the principle goals found in the base of the Serbian Dobermann Club is our clear intention to unconditionally spread this knowledge among the members of the Club through every mean of communication available. The feeling of “friend in need” principe which we hope to achieve is simply priceless.

The Club will act on institutional level in order to make information, new discoveries within the breed and/or cynology per se, available to the members and the public alike. Our means of communication will be seminars, lectures and articles. Accordingly, we have dedicated a specfific secton of our home page to for these activities.


Let’s say that you got yourself a dog and that you want to explore its competition side or you are a newbie in breeding who wants to do everything by the book or you simply want to find yourself in the company of the best. Excellent! Welcome! You’re at the right place. The sum of benefits offered by our club is a unique proposal not only in this part of the world but among other breeds too. There is a financial logic behind the membership fee which is, to be perfectly honest, not the lowest one you could find but it certainly offers “best bang for the buck”. So, enough of talk and let’s show it by example (imagine that the full circle is a full price, but as the member of the club you pay fraction of the price, as shown on the pie chart):

List of the recommended vets and lab that with signed agreement with:

  • Veterinarska ambulanta Alessandra / Belgrade
  • Veterinarska ordinacija Radičević / Kragujevac
  • SeqOmics Biotechnology / Mórahalom-Csongrád
  • Veterinarska ordinacija ŽarVel Vet / Becej
  • Veterinarska ambulanta za kućne ljubimce Marlo Pet / Pančevo
  • Veterinarska ambulanta za kućne ljubimce Božinović / Zemun

Of course, saving on costs is not the only thing you can expect from the membership. Once being a member you can access to the knowledge base, help, advice, education, the exchange of experiences and last but not least – you shall find yourself in a good company!